Monthly Check List


What You Can Do:
Consider making arrangements to have fruit bearing trees pruned before bud break.
Continue to shake snow from low, unprotected shrubs. (i.e. evergreens & hedges)
Plan for your Spring planting needs.

What We Can Do For You:
Continue dormant pruning of ornamental and shade trees.
Place orders for customer Spring planting needs.
Prune fruit trees.


What You Can Do:
Be on the lookout for common problems such as scale, aphids, and mites.
Plan for dormant oil spray.

What We Can Do For You:
Prune and repair winter damaged trees and shrubs.
Complete dormant pruning of ornamental and shade trees.
Dormant oil spray to help control overwintering insects before they hatch.
Begin Spring fertilization program.


What You Can Do:
Plan and prepare for your Spring garden. Nurseries have lots of fresh plant material now.
Consider mulching to retain moisture and inhibit weed growth.
Celebrate Arbor Day, April 24 - plant a tree!

What We Can Do For You:
Plan for early plant health care program to help manage damaging insects and diseases.
Plant and transplant trees, shrubs, perennials, and annual flowers, once the ground has thawed.
Continue Spring fertilization program.
Apply pre-emergence herbicide to beds and top with fresh mulch.

Residential and Commercial Services

Plant Health Care

Our Plant Health Care (PHC) Program is a holistic approach to landscape design and maintenance. Plants, when given the proper growing conditions are less likely to develop disease and insect problems. While past methods relied on treating symptoms, PHC emphasizes plant health and preventive treatments that are not only environmentally safer, but more effective and less costly in the long run.

Insect and Disease Control (part of PHC)

Our Plant Health Care program uses chemical spraying as only one of many alternative and somewhat as a last resort. We are trained and certified in the use of spray materials and injections to keep insects and diseases under control. We use great care in balancing your desire for healthy trees and shrubs with the need for environmental preservation and safety.

Tree Pruning, Removal, and Surgery

The importance of a healthy, mature tree to your landscape and overall real estate value should not be underestimated. Regular corrective aesthetic pruning and proper disease diagnosis and treatment are essential to the health of a tree. Tree removal, when needed, is safe only when handled by our fully qualified, insured professional climbers.

Bucket Truck Service

Our bucket trucks can reach a height of 55 feet. We use them for tree removal.

Diagnosis of Tree and Shrub Diseases

We are certified and licensed pesticide applicators. Through continuing educational seminars and conferences, we keep pace with the latest technology.


The consulting includes a detailed description of what needs to be done and a recommended treatment program. We also provide hazardous tree evaluations.

Tree Fertilization

Deep root fertilization, using liquid fertilizers and tree injections.

Bartlett Tree Experts

Gary's Tree & Shrubbery Service is proud to be a division of Bartlett Tree Experts, and our staff now has the backing of an international tree-care company and tree research laboratory to help continue providing excellent tree service and shrub care in the Lehigh Valley area.